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We have a good running Ford New Holland ‘4630’ 3-cyl diesel, 2wd tractor.
There is a small oil leak from the rear transaxle, left side. The source of the leak is this link which enters the lower side of the transaxle and is uncovered or missing a rubber boot or seal.

I’ve looked at the parts diagrams on but can’t find this part .
Does anyone own a similar tractor and/or know what this opening is missing?


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Nothing is missing. That's simply a leaking brake boot. Not a big repair. Mainly it's a matter of removing the hardware from the brake rod and prying out the seal shell from the hole in the axle housing. Then working the new seal into place and driving it into the bore. It fits tight, similar to a freeze plug, so it takes a bit of care to drive it in.

Item 17. Usually readily available.

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