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My 545 started leaking power steering fluid late last year (I bought it last spring). With my lack of mechanical knowledge, I just put new steering fluid in it and it worked just fine, until the next time I ran the tractor. Adding steering fluid to the pump was the band aid that I used when I needed to use it. I did some investigating and noticed a leak under the water pump shaft. So I figured this is where the steering fluid was leaking from (after doing some research, after the fact, I found out this is an indicator of a water pump going bad). I had no idea how to fix the leak. Well, I decided to sale the tractor, which is more tractor than I need anyway... When the guy came to look at it, the water pump shaft sheered and the fan was just sitting behind the radiator. Obviously he didn't buy it. Another problem that I've had since I bought the tractor was having to disconnect the negative from the battery, or having to charge or jump it when I needed to start it.
In short, leaking power steering fluid. Broken water pump shaft (are these related?). I couldn't find where else the steering fluid might be leaking (haven't took anything apart, all visual).
Tie-rod also pops off the sometimes. I hit it back on with a hammer...
What other underlying problems could there be?
Battery problems.
Does anyone want to buy it?


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