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Hello all,

I am new to the site and I just acquired a mid 70s 4500. The guy that gave it to me said it wouldn't stay running and he had to use an inline 12v fuel pump to get it started. Sometimes he needed the fuel pump, sometimes not.
I have been going thru the entire tractor, new starter, new battery, new wiring and starter switch. I replaced the fuel filters and cleaned the lines in the ultrasonic cleaner. Everything looks i thought. I have good flow from the tank into the fuel filter assembly. I bleed the fuel filter assembly and air bubbles out. All seems well.
It wouldn't start so i cracked the two lines coming out of the filter assembly and turned on the inline fuel pump and zero fuel comes thru those two lines running to the mechanical fuel pump. I cannot figure out for the life of me why i have fuel gushing out of the bleed screw but two inches to the right of that zero fuel is leaving the filter assembly.
I feel it must be something simple. My next step is to buy a new filter assembly. I completely torn down the filter assembly and the only thing that seems suspicious was the two metal caps that sit on top of the fuel filters.
anyone have any suggestions?
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