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Thanks all that responded. It is a great piece of equipment. I am inquiring if an exterior or any PTO can be added to this unit. It is a 4peed tranny or power reversing transmission. It isn't important to me, but several people want that option. Can it be added? Any input will be appreciated.
Ford did offer pto on some of those models with power reversing transmission. I know they did on the 250C and 260C which are very similar to yours and had the power reversing transmission.
You do have live hydraulics Can you tell us if the pump is on the side of the engine or is it in the rear end? If a side pump it would Not be possible. If you have the pump in the rear end it's probably doable but not cost effective.
The Independent PTO models of that era used a double hyd pump. Had a little pump piggybacked on the main pump that operated the hydraulically controlled pto.
You'd likely have to change the pump and add the extra hyd lines, pto control valve, pto clutch, shaft, brake, etc. Probably cheaper to buy a dead 4600 or 4610 and rob the rear end off it.
Those are great tractors. My pal Kenny has a 545 just about like it. 545 has a little bigger engine and much heavier front axle but otherwise the same machine.
His has the 6X4 manual reversing transmission and Independent PTO.
Here's a photo from a couple of months ago. Lifting a deer stand up onto posts.
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