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Ford 3500 diesel will not start

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This is a 1967 3500 tlb. It ran ok last fall until i changed the starter. The 'new' starter was a chinese gem, it had to be installed using a bar to force it away from the motor or the gears wouldn't engage. Turns over no problem.
Here's the history on this. It won't even 'fire' with ether, doesn't even try.
I have had the injectors checked, they are ok. I checked the compression and with 300 minimum they were all ok.
There is fuel getting to the injectors, it comes out in pulses. With increased throttle the pulses get longer. I have not checked the pressure output of the injector pump.
I do not know how long the engine has to be turned over for fuel to get to the injectors, they were pretty much dry when I put them back in.
I am not sure if the fuel getting to the injectors is sufficient, as I say it comes out in pulses, probably 1/2 inch long at full throttle.
I have one fuel line on the pump that is leaking, I don't believe this could cause this issue, I could be wrong.
What really confuses me is that even with ether it doesn't pop at all. I don't use a lot of ether when I use it, I've used it before and had no issue.
I am not sure if bleeding the fuel lines again would help or if loosening a return line would help.
I have not taken the inspection plate off of the injector pump (SIMS), even then I wouldn't be totally sure what I would look for.
The loader frame adds another dimension to this issue.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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Here is an update on this.
First I have to thank thepumpguysc for his input on this.
I removed the inspection cover on the injection pump and fuel spilled out. I decided to put on a new lift pump because of this. With the new lift pump on and the air purged, and using the extra fuel start feature the tractor started! I still had some fuel leaks that had to be dealt with and took care of them.
I ran the tractor for an afternoon and noticed it seemed to be steaming near the lower radiator hose. After cooling I put pressure on the system for a 13 psi cap. It wouldn't hold and I noticed water leaking from the block near the starter. I removed fuel filters and starter and found the block had been repaired. I ground off all previous repair material and redid this repair. I also picked up a lower pressure radiator cap in place of the original. Haven't had it put back together yet but I do not anticipate any more issues.
I will say that when I replaced the lift pump the purge lever on it was not working as it should have - I figured the cam was in a location preventing this so I loosened it and used the purge lever with the lift pump loose on its mounting bolts. This worked fine and I tightened the fasteners following the purging.

Again I thank thepumpguysc for his advice on this issue. He provided me with information that definitely helped me with this and prevented me from spending a lot of money on things which it did not need.
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Thanks for following up on this, it helps others with similar problems.
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