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I was on here about a year and a half ago and rebuilt the engine on my 72 Ford 3000 Gasser all the way through. It was successful thanks to alot of hard work and advice from you guys.

Now it's time for the rear of this tractor. After getting it running I noticed the 3point is very sensitive. The lever only worked about the top 3rd of the adjuster and would drop or raise all the way with about an inch of adjustment then would bleed down pretty steady. I'm assuming that I will find the o ring on the piston leaking by but the first thing I noticed was this pin worn very heavy. Am I right to think the sensitivity is from that?

As well I am wondering why I didnt have trouble removing the suction tube and filter from the sump as I have read others have. Is this a difference in gasses and deisels maybe? Mine came right out however how do you get the filter off the suction tube lol. Filter looked pretty bad to me.

Lastly can you guys give any advice, things to do, things to look for while doing the lift cover over haul?

Thanks in advance and God Bless.


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