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Hello everyone: I was down shifting the other day from 5 to 4 when the SOS appeared to let go. The handle moves freely up and down with no feeling of detents. I think I have either busted a cable or the cable has become detached. I will take apart the SOS assembly (maybe it just detached from the handle). I understand these cables (upper and lower) are hard to come by.
Any advice are where I might source some if necessary and barring that, How might I repair.
I suspect the connector between the lower cable and the upper.
Thanks for any advice.

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Howdy Williamsc, welcome to the tractor forum.

There is very little SOS expertise remaining on the internet. This is an antiquated/obsolete transmission. There is a man named LarryNCKS that is a regular on the YT Ford tractor forum. Recommend that you post your problem there and I'm sure that he will help you.
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