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Well, of course I like using my D-SLR cameras but having to concern myself with expensive bodies, lenses and microdrives just to take outdoor (and especially shop) pics has me more than concerned 99% of the time when I think about snapping off quick pics for the forum here. My ole trusty 3.4MP backup from long ago had been on the DOA shelf due to a broken compactflash door switch (would indicate door was closed and allow camera to operate etc) Well the plastic broke off and then it was all over as the internal switch was damaged on the main board. :D

Finally got the tools together with my smallest tip solder iron and went to work. Fixed that, and then replaced the shuttle release button and fixed a few minor issues as well as clean off the CCD.
Well, it is as good as new! :D Love this camera for its simplicity but it also will do 360 degree IPIX panoramics, movies, and much more! Sure I love my DSLRs for top-notch pics, but for simple shots w/o the hassle, weight and cost-concerns, I am so happy to get this unit back.

Plus it is perfect for Ebay pics without all of the resizing and formatting of the large DSLR. :)

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