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Howdy I am trying to purchase my first tractor and at present I own 5.5 acres with 4 acres of pasture, 1 acre of hardwoods and .5 acre house/yard in EastBend NC. I am presently looking at 3 tractors:
1. $11,750-John Deere 4310 4x4 tractor. It is hydrostatic drive. 430 Loader, bush hog, rear hydraulic remotes, showing 2123 hrs
Fresh service.(3 hours away)
2. $12.500-Kubota 3130 4x4 hyd tractor with loader 1300 hours(30 minutes away)
3. $8,650- 1920 Ford New Holland 4x4 4 cyl Diesel, 12sp trans 33Hp, hours unknown at present (1.5 hr away)
Distance doesn't really bother me, just wonder if it plays into whether or not yall find it worth it. I am concerned with the JD and the number of hours, I was informed that at 4000 I could expect to start spending a lot on repairs and such. Also I know the transmission case is aluminum, would this be an issue for hard labor with the tractor or rough terrain?

I saw this on an older post
Answering these basic questions will help narrow your search

* How will you be using your tractor? (list 10 jobs you will routinely use your tractor for)
1)Clearing overgrown land
2) Moving gravel and dirt
4)Maintaining Drive way and tractor paths
5)Moving logs etc.
6)Mowing 4 acres pasture
7)Installing fencing
* How much property do you have? 5.5 acres looking to expand
* How many acres will you be using your tractor on? 5
* Do you expect the land size to remain the same or expand? expand
* Do you plan on doing any custom work for friends or customers? No
* Who will be the primary operator of your tractor? Myself
* How much experience does the operator have with tractors? Minimal with alot of experience on automotive gas engines and transmission(auto/manual)
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Very Respectfully,
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