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1.Check the oil level & see if there is water in it, check the radiator coolant for oil, and the air filter for mice.
2.Spray the clutch linkage and brake connecting rods with oil first and then grease the fittings, then sit on the tractor and try pushing them until they are loose.
3.Check the battery cables and make sure the negative has a good ground and the pos + is tight to the starter and replace the battery.
4. Drain the fuel tank, then loosen the banjo fitting on the injection pump and make sure all the extra fuel runs out.
5.Then pour in the new fuel and change the fuel filter, again open up the banjo fitting so that new fuel flows out into a pan, not on the ground... 😀
6 Then try to start it with the banjo fitting open to clear the lines good, then close the banjo fitting and try to start it, while you pray!
7. Check the hydraulic fluid before you move it.
This is what I would do if it were my tractor.

Oh! did you get a key for it?:rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts