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If your tractor is indeed a 1978 year it should be factory 12 volt neg, ground , some of the 12 volt systems actually used a 6volt coil with a ballast resistor so if your tractor has a ballast resistor and your new coil is 12 volt or has the built in resistor you could get a weak fire from the coil you can temporary jumper across the ballast to see if it makes a difference ,however based on the fact that you had to run with full choke indicates your orig. problem was fuel related ,there may be a filter screen in the fitting where the fuel line connects to carb. there's also a screen in top of the sediment bowl if either of the screens get clogged up your fuel flow will be restricted , if you open the fuel drain plug on bottom of carb you should get a steady flow of fuel if not work your way back toward fuel tank by disconnecting fuel lines until get fuel flow . Note: if any of you fuel lines are rubber I recommend replacing with lines that can handle fuel that has Ethanol added. "GOOD LUCK"
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