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Will start, but when under load will die as if it runs out of gas. I have replaced the gas shutoff valve, points, dust cover, rotor button, dist. cap, coil, and metal gas line. It will idle for a long time, but when you open it up it will only run for a couple minutes and dies and won't start back for a while. PLEASE HELP


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Sounds like a fuel problem. I can't be sure, but there may be a filter screen on the end of your fuel line up inside the tank, another at the carb. There is a screen in the top of the glass float bowl. Have you tried to rebuild the carburetor?
Another issue may be the governor not operating the throttle as it should.
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I'm gonna suggest checking the gas cap vent. It may be allowing enough air in to idle, but not enough to run at higher speeds. It won't start after it stalls because there is a vacuum in the gas tank until enough air leaks in to normalize it. It's easy to check and costs nothing to fix, just open a hole in the gas cap.
Those MS carbs have a plug on the bottom of the float bowl.
Take a pint jar or can and remove that plug. Let it pee gas into your jar. It should fill the jar in under 2 minutes. If it does you do not have a fuel flow problem and need to adjust your carb.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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