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eBay Listing of 318 Questionable

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Hi Guys!

Just to warn anyone looking on eBay for a nice 318 tractor. There's one listed (just today) that shows photos and text from my personal Web site. The listing on eBay is 2351542588.

My personal Web site is:

Let's be careful out there!

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EBAY and other Fraud ads/auctions

I have had several of my ads,photos and auctions copied and they advertised for 50% less on ebay or equipment trader online,The most recent was my 03 Kubota 2600 dt tractor loader which has 2.2 hrs on it ,I was Selling it asking at 15300.00 with a rake and blade,The entire auction was copied and advertised at 10,000,They even copied my dogs photo !! Alot of theise rip offs are from another country they usually want a wire transfer or payment through wells fargo,Their is another scamb where somebody emails you wanting to buy something offering you 20% more that it is worth,they will arrange the trucking and send you a certified check (which is usually fake)and again it goes to another country,I buy and sell alot through ebay,99.% of the people are good,Just need to do your research
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