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Easiest way to work on LT/GTs?

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What is the preferred way of working on a common LT/GT?
I have 2 Craftsmans (see other GT5000) post --- and I never felt comfortable climbing on the ground and wedging something under the deck to change blades, do undercarriage maintainance, etc... Any easier way? Ramps that bring the whole unit up safety, jacks, etc? Seems like someone should have some really good ideas on this topic. I may be way off here, but I never have had an easy time working on these things. I am handy --- I do full-size tractor restorations and engine rebuilds for cars/trucks etc --- but they are slightly higher off of the ground and dont have any blades --- :)

Thanks for any insight.

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Why not just take the deck off rather than elevating the mower . My 5000 takes about a minute to remove the deck and 5 minutes to replace the blades. It also gives you the opportunity to clean the deck, inpect belts, bearing lube and make most necessary adjustments to other tractor systems (drivetrain, brakes, etc) :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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