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DirecWay DW4000 Internet Satellite System

- Satellite Dish
- Tripod Stand (with the nuts and bolts.. partially assembled)
- Dual modems w/power cord
- 1 USB cable
- DirecWay install CD

Item was purchased and used for three months while I was in a temporary home. It has been stored for over a year and I'm finally getting around to doing something with it. Original purchase price of just over $600.00. Regularly go on eBay for $200 to $300. Figured I'd put it up here first. If no takers in a week or two I'll be putting it up on eBay.

I am selling it for $200.00 plus insured shipping. I have not estimated the shipping costs, but this stuff is heavy and bulky

I am going to provide the following toward a warranty for the puchase

1) From date of purchase you have two weeks.
2) If for some reason any part of what I have provided are deemed broken in a manner that makes the system unuseable for connecting to the internet via DirecWay the specific information is provided on the Professional Installers workorder, I will provide a refund.
3) To obtain the refund, all items must be returned within one week of your notification to me (shipping to be paid by you)
4) The system was fully paid for and there should be no issues with activating the system under your name/account. If a problem arises for some reason, I will work with you to resolve the matter.

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That sounds like a nice system. How much does the service cost?

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