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I pulled this off another site and hope he wouldn’t mind. It will make you think and be thankful for what we have!
Godspeed to all our deployed forces!!

This is a compilation of things that I have learned since being deployed almost a year ago. I am counting down to go home day, and this was in reflection of the past year. It is kinda random, and some of the things have been said before....they just fit really well here. Sorry it is so long.

1. God does exist…….he is not a Muslim
2. There is no such thing as “some quiet time to myself”
3. There is no good time to take a crap.
4. You will only have one decent shower a month, if you get that many…..All the rest will be too cold/too hot/too short.
5. If it can go wrong, it will.
6. It doesn’t matter how much love the Army cooks put into dinner, it still tastes like cardboard.
7. You will cry when your 2 year old tells you for the first time that he misses you.
8. It doesn’t matter how nice you live, someone else has it better. Be happy with your circumstances, it could be worse.
9. The generator will always run out of gas right before the best scene in the movie, right after the next level up in a video game, or right after your favorite song starts.
10. Always have a back up plan. Have a back up plan for that.
11. There is no such thing as “friendly fire”
12. Mortars do whistle, you just have to be close enough to hear them. They make a distinct sound when they land.
13. It doesn’t matter how friendly “we” are, “they” don’t want to come out and play.
14. Friendships forged here are to the death.
15. You can’t get along with anyone for a year, especially when you live in the same room with 12 people.
16. Body odor isn’t that bad, unless you are in close quarters, even then you will make do.
17. The weather here is less cooperative than anywhere else on the planet. It will rain if you have something to do outside. There will be a dust storm if you have to drive somewhere.
18. Fool-proof plans aren’t.
19. Even of you plan for everything, “they” will come up with at least 1 new trick.
20. Never underestimate the enemy. This is their home field advantage; they want to keep it that way.
21. The kindler gentler Army is a crock of $*#&.
22. If you count on someone, they will more than likely let you down.
23. Some people will always be too good to use the same outhouse as you do.
24. Opinions are just that. If you don’t like mine that is your right, but that doesn’t make me wrong.
25. There are too many people willing to stab you in the back to get ahead in life. Spend 30% of your time at 12 o’clock, 70% at 6 o’clock.
26. It doesn’t matter if you are a nice guy or not, you will be taken advantage of.
27. Your associates will steal from you. This is the Army; it didn’t belong to you in the first place.
28. The greatest invention was the laptop. The second greatest was headphones.
29. You can do everything right and still die.
30. Don’t trust anyone except yourself, and be wary of him.
31. You can wear the same pants for 2 weeks; you can go 10 days without a shower.
32. The smell of burning crap will not offend you after the 50th time.
33. The phrase “prepare to defend yourself” will take your breath away.
34. You will be excited about a buddy’s kid. You will watch them grow. You will hear stories about them. You will care about them.
35. You will hear every story that a buddy has to tell, twice.
36. Loud noises aren’t funny any more.
37. Officers rarely make good leaders. Good leaders are rarely officers.
38. It is better to move faster than the enemy can plan for, even if you are disobeying orders.
39. A Private will give you more than any Brigade Commander.
40. Watching someone die will stay with you for the rest of your life. Seeing a wounded soldier will leave you scarred.
41. Iraq is not a good place for a Liberal Democrat.
42. Sometimes shooting first and asking questions later is not a bad idea.
43. You will realize that some decisions that you made were dumb, to the point of possibly getting you killed. You won’t realize until months later how dumb you really were.
44. Living out of a foot locker will teach you what your priorities are.
45. An RPG fired in your general direction will scare the crap out of you, I don’t care who you are.
46. We are in Iraq doing good things. It doesn’t matter what the people back home say, especially about the president.
47. The internet will always go down right before you hit send on a 2 page email.
48. You will say “I am not going to eat another MRE”. You will eat another MRE.
49. God will forgive stupidity, the enemy will exploit it. Be smart, move deliberately, and aim well.
50. A .50 cal machine gun (or any weapon for that matter) can be your best friend. You will spend hours with it. You will talk to it. You will entrust your life to it.
51. The phone will cut off during the most important part of your conversation.
52. The mud, dust and dirt are a part of life. You will hate it, but it will always be there with you.
53. “Jody” calls aren’t just a part of running. You will learn that your buddy’s wife left him. You will listen to his pain, you will sample the rage, and you will feel the hate.
54. Soldiers will always bitch about everything.
55. It doesn’t matter how bad “their” aim is, they will get lucky eventually.
56. Copyright laws only apply to the USA.

Thanks all for the support. I posted this as information. Not complaining. I actually had a positive experience out here. I know that there are some things that will stick with me forever, but thus is life. I can say that most of the soldiers that I talk to are happy to be here serving our country. We are proud of what we do. It is rarely shown on TV the little children who wave at us as we drive by. There are more people that want us here than don't. We have the duty as Americans to stand up for freedom, whether it be ours or somone elses. These people can now have opportunities that would never have been possible. We know the duty sucks, we are not complaining.

Once again thanks for the support. We will continue to be vigilant in our duties.

SGT Josh Marshall
US Army
Samarra, Iraq

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Been there 'n' done that for far too long. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it! Glad I am out now. I feel bad for those who have to go. :truth:

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Stewart, thankyou so much for posting that!!! That young man has experienced and survived things that some one who hasn't "been there" will never understand!! God bless all of our soldiers, where ever they serve their country!!:friends: And a safe return to all!!!

( I especially like the first line!)
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