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Dad wants a new tractor (YardMan)

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My dad's old MTD lasted over 10 years and died... uhh, blew up.. uh, not sure, but there is a hole in the side of the mower :D It was a 12.5 HP with a 40 something deck.

He wants a new mower. His only requirement is that he wants an MTD so he can make his plow connect to it. I tease him that he has a key and he is trying to find a house that fits it.

Tried to talk him into a used Simp, JD, etc, but he is a MTD'er. He doesn't want to spend a lot.

He has lots of land, but only about 1/2 an acre to mow. He wants to do light duty plowing. I know everyone is going to comment on the mower from a plowing standpoint... lack of weight, it's an LT, not a GT, etc... thats not what I am asking.

What are the opinions on this LT for "mowing", and lasting several years?

YardMan T604H
22 HP/46" AutoDrive Lawn Tractor
• 22 HP Briggs & Stratton Twin Intek Engine
• 46" Triple Blade Cutting Deck
• AutoDrive Transmission with Cruise Control and Foot Pedal Control
• Mulch Kit Included
• Fully Welded StepThru Frame
• Cast Iron Front Axle
• 18" TightTurn Steering Radius
• 2 year limited warranty with 90 day "no fault" consumer warranty on normal wear parts

I told him the B&S would be a different and slightly louder sound than a Kohler. The v-twin will suck some gas. The 18 turning radius should be fine for what he has to do. No other attachments are required (de-thatcher, spreader, etc). No requirements to ever use ground engaging equipment... we are talking about mowing.

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We sell those MTD's at the Depot and rarely get them back on incompatability issues. I'd say it would be a fine tractor to do what he wants to do with it. While they don't have the fit and finish of the JD's and the Simplicity's, they are a nice little inexpensive tractor that work pretty well.
That should work fine. I had a similar setup for 6 years and had no trouble except for some wheel spinning. I build a weight shelf in the back of the plow frame and put a 6 galllon bucket full of sand on the frame. (Made the frame out of an old bed frame) Sold the lawn tractor this year when I bought the GT5000. Just finished adapting the old plow to the new tractor. Also I would recommend that your Dad gets a set of chains especially if he has any hills.
Nothing wrong with MTD's. They are very easy to work on and do a good job. And they are a great value if you don't mow much lawn or tow anything heavy.

My GT5000 was purchased because of this. It is built for tough use. And thats how I treat it.
I was trying to talk him into a 4000 at Sears... he is still thinking about it.
It would be able to fit the bill nicely if he is looking for a affordable good quality machine. The nice part about the 4000 is that it isn't overly pricey, but does have a ton of bells and whistles.
Except for the color, it is a decent inexpensive tractor. I don't care for the bright yellow hood, but that is just me. If you are successful in talking him into the Sears 4000, I think he will not regret it. It's a better machine for a few bucks more. You should check out if his old plow will even fit the new Yardman. After 10 years, I would be surprised if it is still compatible. Not a slam against MTD, but almost all manufacturers change stuff after 10 years. Happy shopping!:)
Okay, Mom wants to buy that Yardman for Dad. Can't find it in stock anywhere. Ideas on where to find it and get it... for Christmas?
Originally posted by bontai Joe
After 10 years, I would be surprised if it is still compatible. Not a slam against MTD, but almost all manufacturers change stuff after 10 years. Happy shopping!:)
Not us Ingersoll guys:D :D Ok ya thay change things a bit, hmmm about every 40years or so.:D :D

BTW I did see a yardman at a local hardwere store a month or so ago. Probably tucked in a back room somewere now, bet you can find one, but would probably have to ask.
tisenberg, check Walmart...the one in South Huntsville, AL had about 20 highly reduced mowers 3 weeks ago...Yellow Yardman, Snapper, Murray, Stanley...50-60% of the original retail price.
How to find one in stock? Get out the old fashioned yellow pages and "let your fingers do the walking". If that fails, get on the 'net and start searching for the appropiate stores in your area, get a phone # and start calling. You have already put the word out to us and maybe we can find one for you. Good luck!
Believe it or not, he is now thinking about the Cub 1529 due to a PM from someone on this site. I am being offered a great deal and my Dad is thinking about jumping on it... waiting for final confirmation from my Dad as we speak. I don't want to post who or the price, I'll leave that up to them if they want. Not sure if the price is a standard price or just a Christmas gift price LOL.

Thanks and I'll let you know what happens.
Oh, BTW, what does a YardMan T604H typcially run? Probably not doing it, but just curious. Funny how my Dad picked that to begin with and not knowing the price. I guess he figured the price was what he was looking for. Can't find a price on it anywhere, not even list price.
Thats a good Lt

The Cub 1529 is a great LT i have the 1525 only diffrents is the motor and deck on on the 1529 is bigger. Im very happy with mine i have 42hrs on it and it has been flawless.:thumbsup:
So is that you trying to get rid of your Deere in your Avatar? :) LOL
Jody's avatar

Man oh man, that avatar just hits too close to home for me. I busted a plank I was using as a ramp on the job one time and basically had to do what the poor fellow in your avatar is doing. I seem to remember 3 times having to do that in 25 years with my or someone elses' machine. This was when I was young, strong and a little stupid about back injuries. Like my dad says, I'm smart like a mule and strong as a fox :D :D :D :D
Not me

Originally posted by tisenberg
So is that you trying to get rid of your Deere in your Avatar? :) LOL

Its Paul loading his Mamas 112:lmao: :lmao: outta here
Well he is getting closer. Since I gave him a early Christmas present (2 stage snow thrower), the "plow" requirement has gone away. Now he is looking for something to mow with. He has looked at... in no particular order...

YardMan (as thread implies)
Sears 3000
Sears 4000
CC 1515
CC 1525
CC 1529
CC 2166

I think he will probably end up getting the 1529. Stay tuned...
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Hell like it

Hell like the 1529 its a great mower it has a heavy transmission in it.
CC 1515
CC 1525
CC 1529
CC 2166

What do the model numbers represent. I'm guessing the first two are HP. The second two usually signify deck width but I don't believe that is the case with the 1515.
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