This 1958 Caterpillar D4 Crawler Dozer is an absolutely fantastic machine which I have had for over 20 years. I completely rebuilt the gasoline pony motor which I use to start the diesel in cold conditions. I also installed a 24 volt electric starter which I use at any time and during the day when I get on and off the equipment instead of having to restart the pony. Even in the coldest weather, when more modern diesels can't start, that sweet pony motor warms up this diesel without the need for electric heaters.

The diesel engine sounds so great that Harley Davidson motorcycles weep with envy. It has wide tracks and a heavy front blade. I put in a new hydraulic cylinder for the blade. It has an amazing low center of gravity and can go anywhere. I loved driving over my wife's washing machine and took down a quonset building with this machine.

I put on a hydraulic post pounder on the back ($2000) which I used in tough terrain to pound wooden posts. I kinda Magyvered an attachment to level the post pounder onto the end of the bulldozer. The hydraulic pump mounts on the front and is easy to work on.

I haven't used this much over the last few years and kept it under cover. The post pounded is currently chained at the bottom for transport. This is a heavy piece of equipment.

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