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Cub cadet 7304 starter and...

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I'm hoping to find someone familiar with this 7304 (with bucket & backhoe) the starter quit the other day i was able to get it going with a couple taps. Replaced it. and now I have power and a small single click when i turn the key. Battery tests good same with the alternator. Fuses are also good. There's only 3 hook ups, the harness that clips in. The battery cable and alternator. I've looked for electrical blueprints on this but information seems limited.
Thank you in advance
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Hello MASFIVE08, welcome to the tractor forum.

That sounds like a safety switch problem. Your tractor probably has 3-4 safety switches that prevent starting, maybe more.
1) Seat
2) Brake or Clutch
3) Deck/PTO
4) Reverse

The seat switch is the most frequent culprit. I would start with the seat switch. Disconnect the connector plug nd put a jumper wire in the connector that goes back to the tractor.
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