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Craftsman Snowthrower

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just finished installing the Craftsman Snowthrower on my tractor. Took it for a whirl and it sounds like it will really chuck the snow out a good clip. Really easy to assemble and get on the machine. I have also decided to keep my older Craftsman with the plow on for the lighter snow and use the blower to shoot it out of the way. Now, I just gotta find a place to park all the mowers.
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I'm guessing you got the 46" 2-STAGE. This will be my second season on mine. Where a ski mask and keep some extra shearpins handy.
How much for the extra shearpins and do I have to buy em from Sears???
Originally posted by leolav
How much for the extra shearpins and do I have to buy em from Sears???
I believe the snowblower is made by MTD or Agrifab. You could probably pick them up at HD or Tractor Supply. You should have received a couple in your spare parts bag that came with the blower. I only sheared one last year, but like to keep a few on hand, especially here because my drive is crushed limestone.
Thanks for the help. I did get two extra in the crate, but I had a feeling that was a bad sign when they send extra shear pins with the blower.

Are they fairly straighforward to replace, like a traditional snowblower?
Originally posted by leolav
Thanks for the help. I did get two extra in the crate, but I had a feeling that was a bad sign when they send extra shear pins with the blower.

Are they fairly straighforward to replace, like a traditional snowblower?
Pretty much, there is a shaft that runs through the the auger and the shearpin runs through them. A 2 minute change.
Thanks for your feedback.

I just put a blower on my LTX1000.

I had put in a question a long time ago when this site first opened about the blower, but it since disappeared due to the site restructuring.

Anyway, long story short, I picked up a 44" 2 stage unit. I got it from a Sear's clearance center, as it appeared to be a return (doesn't look like it was ever used) with a pretty good discount.

I was little worried that it wouldn't button up to my little LT, but sure enough, no problems at all. I am however trying to identify the unit, as I don't believe it is a "Craftsman" per se. It is badged a craftsman, but there is no 44" unit listed on their site.

So, can anyone tell me who makes my blower. I am in Ontario Canada, so that probably changes the numbering system. It is part number C151 61174 0, according to the owner's manual. I am trying to figure out if it is an Agri-fab or Berco or other.

BTW, with this sub-frame, there is an optional blade that can be swapped out for the blower assembly. I don't think you could do that with a standard craftman blade/blower according to their website.

I can't wait to chuck snow, probably Saturday from the sounds of our forecast.

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Welcome bwiswell!!! Seems like we have a lot of friends from up north!!! WELCOME :canada: :canada: :canada:

Thanks for the warm welcome. Trying to get the thumb down off, because I don't want you to think I'm ____. Just trying to get the hang of your emoticons, but my VCR still flashed 12:00, so bear with me.

I just confirmed that in Canada, the "craftsman" snowblowers are in fact manufactured by Bercomac.

So for those americans interested in an alternative to the local craftsman offering, see if you can order the "Canadian Unit" and have it shipped down to save you some $$$.

BTW, I have the owner's manual, which I will try to scan so I can get it into a soft copy. If anyone is interested to see what it entails, let me know and I will try to get you a copy.

As for the unit itself, brand new, this makes a lot of noise. I expect it will quiet down once it had "broken in". With that said, I finally got it hooked the other evening and woke up my neighbor's wife and their baby. He came over to congratulate me on getting her put together (he is a GUY) , and was asked to pass along a message from his wife that she was not nearly as impressed.

Again, the ugly weather is coming, so I may get to try my new baby out this weekend.


P.S. Anyone got any cheap (free) ideas how to add more weight to the back of the tractor. I've already filled it with WW fluid - 6 jugs per side. But I can't afford a weight bracket or wheel weights at this point.
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welcome bwiswell,
id be interested in how much snow you get and how often...

They sell adapters that allow you to use regular weights (weightlifting type) on your tires like wheel weights. They would be much cheaper than store bought weights

If interested im sure someone has a link...

Argee good idea about extra shear pins..
i have lots of trees and thus fallen sticks and a gravel driveway. im gonna stock up on both shear pins and impellar shear bolts.

dont have goggles yet, im gonna try it once with a mask and see how bad it is...

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The ski mask is just to keep any wayward snow from going down your neck. You'll need wiper blades for the goggles. :lmao:
good Ski mask i have... ill skip the goggles.
where do i buy a snowthrower?

hey there,
i am up in the great white north and just had our first big dump of snow. needless to say, i am sick of shovelling already at our new house. the house came with the dlt2000 and has a bunch of attachments, but the one that is needed in canada is the snowthrower....i have contacted sears and they are clueless, and i can't find anything on the net where to buy one....any ideas on where i can buy a snowthrower and which one is the best one to buy for a place that gets a good amount of snow?


Try this:

Check the 2 other units at the bottom of the page.

If nothing else, print the pages out and take to your local Sears store and ask them to get you the details...

You can add 10 pounds to the rear by just eating Pizza, burgers and a lot of Pepsi. Seems like it takes no time at all to get 10 or 20. :)

You should be able to find a way to get a five gallon bucket strapped on about where the rear hitch is at, then fill the bucket with sand or dirt or something weighty.

Richt, as a fellow Canadian, I can truly appreciate the woes of snow, and particularly the ineptitude of the meatballs working the counter at Sears.

A couple of thought about finding the right blower for your tractor. First suggestion would be to call Bercomac. They are located in Quebec. I don't have the number, but I am sure someone can find it. BTW, they do not have a web page yet, but I really wish they would. Knock out the middleman and call them direct. If you need to talk to someone who knows something about the blower units, call Sears during the weekday hours and ask for the manager for the Home and Garden Department. Chances are he is the one (and only) person who will have any insight.

If you want to stick with Sears, look for a clearance center as I did. I saved myself about $500 Can (that's about $1.50 US). Mine was a returned unit that looked like it never got fired up.

What I can tell you about the Bercomac blower that I got. There is a 40" unit and a 44" unit. The instruction manual is the same for the both models. I find the 44" a little heavy digging into my gravel driveway, so a 40" may have been a better choice for me. However, with 21hp, the 44" kicks a$$, and I did not have any problems. So, when you check the Sears website, and see this blower is for that tractor, and that blower is for this tractor, disregard that. The Bercomac blower is universal for 4 different sized frames, and 3 different PTO engagement systems.

BTW, I ran the unit on Saturday. We only got about 2.5 inches, so it wasn't enough to really test the unit. However, where the snow did drift up, the blower unit tore right through it.

Deere, thanks for the advice on weight. I will start my diet of Pizza and beer right away.

Sorry to be so lengthy, but I can't wait for a 10" snowfall!

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Really got out yesterday to play around with the tractor and blower. It seems like the unit will blow snow pretty far. Can't wait to try it out. I will be doing my driveway, my parents driveway and my neighbors driveway. Put up stakes this weekend and I am ready to go!!!.
Wow, you guys have already mounted your blowers and have been out playing with them. I just got the mower deck off my tractor last week. Now I'm actually starting to think about putting the blower on and I live in a snow belt! I guess the last couple of late snow years have lulled me into a state of delusion.
I was out this weekend picking up stick from my yard from the hard winds we had on saturday. I picked up 11 trailer loads worth of sticks. The biggest one was 26 feet in length and made great firewood.

I told my wife that most of the culprit trees will be dropped before spring.

Don't need any leaves to mess with.
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