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I bought this tractor new in 2005. It has been a good tractor. I am having problems with the Screw Thdrol (part #143). It is a part that was attached to the frame via a few tack welds. The newer versions may be different. This part holds the idler pulleys that controls the tension (Bracket Asm Idler Tensioning, Part #179473) belt and ultimately the throttle.

The Screw Thdrol became untacked and needs to be tacked again or preferably, welded. The problem is the gas tank is about 10 inches above the part that needs to be welded. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can retack or weld the Screw Thrdrol without having to take off the gas tank? I am not a welder but smart enough to know I do not want a spark and the fumes to send me up in smoke.

I have attached a picture of the underside where the parts are located to give you a better visual of what I am looking at and challenges posed.

I also considered brazing (less sparks) but it is not quite as strong as a typical weld (done right, but with lots of sparks) and this part needs a good weld because of the tension placed on it by the pulleys.


This part pretty much sits right under the gas tank. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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