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Craftsman eager 1 push mower

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Got a 20" cut Eager 1 pusher in a garage sale for 20 bucks. Not even a nick on the blade. The Lady was moving. Got it home and it flooded out of the carb after running for a few minutes, so I cleaned it, reassembled it and it ran great. Good score
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God bless old ladies!! I have an old pusher that I use for trim mowing. The guy had a free sign on the side of the road in front of the mower. I pulled in, put it in my truck and I was off. I saw the guy in his garage so I went up and asked him if he knew what was wrong with it? He said he couldn't get it to start.

I brought it home, cleaned the gas tank, the carb, changed the plug and it fired up on the first pull.

The mower couldn't be more than a two to three year old mower. The blade was even still sharp!!
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