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I got the pressure washer back on the 19th of June. Put it all together, added oil to the engine and pump, assembled everthing and it started on the 2nd pull. Makes awesome pressure and volume of spray. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the Robin engine. Had the appearance and materials every bit as good as a Honda and ran reasonably quiet. Has a huge muffler on it. Gas tank holds over 5 gallons. It came with a stainless Italian made and 8 spray nozzles, 50 feet of good looking quality hose, 10 inch wheels and pneumatic tires, and pretty fair quality manuals.

It has an AR brass pump which surprised me. They are fairly good quality pumps and have a good reputation. They delivered it to me in 2 days via Fedex Frieght. I got the Bill of Lading # and ran it with Fedex and contacted the dispatcher to let them know I would be home and coordinate a pickup point. I met the truck driver out in front of my house with the tractor. The washer came banded to a sturdy pallet which also impressed me! I was expecting a tore up punctured box that had been thrown around. It was in perfect condition . The driver pushed the box and pallet which was around 240 lbs. into the loader bucket with his pallet jack, I secured it with a rope and off we both went. Both happy campers.

I ran it for about a 1/2 hour to break the engine and pump in under low pressure. The only thing I don't like about the unit is that it has no throttle for me to throttle the engine back to cool things off when I am done but that may put too much load on an idling engine. I hate to shut an air cooled engine down from wide open throttle. Other than that, I give this pressure washer the "Tractor Forum 5 Star" best buy rating! :smiles: It is not the top of the line but for the money spent, it is a really nice pressure washer. Stateline was a pleasure to deal with as well.

I have used it for about 30 hours so far and it works great! I have done 2 engine oil changes on it. (probably over kill) The 1st oil change showed the expected fine metalic particles and the 2nd looked much cleaner. I changed the oil in the pump back in November and I am glad I did. It was really dirty looking oil that came out with the expected fine metalic particles. Any of you who purchased a pressure washer recently may want to take a look at changign the oil in the pressure washer pump. My pump called for straight nondetergent 30W oil. I purchased some 30W air compresser oil at Walmart to do the change with.

Currently Homier has them on sale for $699 which is the cheapest price I have seen them for anywhere so far.

I have used this pressure washer for cleaning my Sea Ray, 4410, driveway, stripping paint from house exterior for repainting, wood deck, and my truck and it does a great job with the provided nozzle tips. It has adjustable pressure so you can turn the pressure upto 3500 psi or down low but the 4 gpm provides excellent cleaning power either way. Turned up to full pressure, this thing could strip the hide off of an elephant! :elephant:

I saw a post asking about pressure washers and figured this would be as good a time as any to post a review.

Professional 3500 Pressure Washer
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