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Anyone catch that DIY network show on the 1962 Corvette roadster? ---- What a beautiful series and show.. I have seen about 5 of the episodes --- but they keep playing this same series again and again... I figured the online DIY show stuff would be weak at best, but actually it is a VERY in-depth online reference.... Check it out if you are interested... I think his workshop is a "little more than the average workshop" IMHO (but this is TV --- maybe not as nice as leolav's though!) ---
and he got a little bit nicer than a "driver class restoration" out of this especially considering the amazing paint job. (think they did it a little nicer because it was on TV? -- naah!) haha :D



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Yes i seen it

I didn't know you could make plexie glass look new again with sand paper until i saw him do it on the back window.:riding:

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Super easy to make plexiglass new again with sandpaper. I think Andy may know, but my company manufacturers and sells sandpaper and associated products. I am the product manager for the sandpaper product line.

To redo plexiglass, you either hand sand or orbital sand the surface of the material with 1500-2000 grit silicon carbide paper. If it is in really bad shape, you can start coarser (400-600-800 grit) to remove the scratches, etc. It is important to use water very liberaly. You then can use a rotary buff with polishing compounds to get a perfect sheen. Buff til clear, but keep the temperature low.
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