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I'm new to this forum, an Aussie/Canadian and now the owner of a 72 Ford 3000 diesel, needs a bit of TLC, will use it for snow plowing our private road in Cape Breton. NS.
Further to Bilecki's post about his Chamberlain CJD895 industrial backhoe loader. It appears to me by the model number that it was manufactured after John Deere purchased Chamberlain Industries in Australia. I was a Chamberlain parts manager back in the day way back in 1965-70. Sorry to say there are only a few Chamberlain tractoirs in use today
There is another link to Chamberlain tractors and if you were to contact them you may be able to find parts books and service manuals. Sorry to post another forum link but hope this helps,

Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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