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chainsaws... what NOT to do

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Posting because the "SAFETY" Moderator told me I had too. I think he wants to make an example of me :rolleyes:

Okay... guilty as charged. I have performed the following UNSAFE practices with my chainsaw.

1) I used it on a 12 foot ladder... did I tell you that the ladder wasn't very steady too.

2) I used it while IN a tree... don't worry, I was only about 15 feet in the air

3) I have started it WITHOUT the brake on.. horrors!

4) I think my chain tension is a little too loose... I'll get around to addressing it.

5) When I was chopping up the tree that fell a few weeks ago that was on my fence, I wasn't wearing heavy workboots and I did not hold the saw perpendicular to me or perpendicular to what I was cutting.

Ok, so I did these things and I know they are wrong but did them anyways. I did however, take extra time and did it slowly because... I had to get what I was doing done. Even though I violated the safety rules, I was extra careful doing it. THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE OKAY TO VIOLATE THE RULES TOO. YOU NEED A PERMISSION SLIP AND I HAVE ONE... uhh, now where did I put that? :eek:
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I'm the rabble rouser that caused you to get a gentle nudge about chain saw safety since I think more of us are put in harm's way with that tool than our mowing decks.

I have an even worse tree-ladder-chainsaw story than yours. The first time I used my chainsaw 12 years ago was to saw off a 12" limb on dead 36" diameter oak tree so that it could be dropped on a clear spot in my front yard. I was sawing the limb that was about 10' up and it started to fall and the chainsaw got caught and was pulled out of my hands and fortunately dropped away from me. Truely stupid stunt on my part which I never repeated again and am extremely lucky that I was not hurt. The biggest tree I have tackled since that time has been 8". Anything bigger and the tree service gets the priviledge.

I am also guilty of starting the saw without the brake on so I that's my second mea culpa.
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