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chainsaws... what NOT to do

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Posting because the "SAFETY" Moderator told me I had too. I think he wants to make an example of me :rolleyes:

Okay... guilty as charged. I have performed the following UNSAFE practices with my chainsaw.

1) I used it on a 12 foot ladder... did I tell you that the ladder wasn't very steady too.

2) I used it while IN a tree... don't worry, I was only about 15 feet in the air

3) I have started it WITHOUT the brake on.. horrors!

4) I think my chain tension is a little too loose... I'll get around to addressing it.

5) When I was chopping up the tree that fell a few weeks ago that was on my fence, I wasn't wearing heavy workboots and I did not hold the saw perpendicular to me or perpendicular to what I was cutting.

Ok, so I did these things and I know they are wrong but did them anyways. I did however, take extra time and did it slowly because... I had to get what I was doing done. Even though I violated the safety rules, I was extra careful doing it. THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE OKAY TO VIOLATE THE RULES TOO. YOU NEED A PERMISSION SLIP AND I HAVE ONE... uhh, now where did I put that? :eek:
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short cuts

So just how much time do we save taking safety shortcuts? Months and months of rehab and body parts missing or never working the same again.Sometimes a long time in the ground.
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