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chainsaws... what NOT to do

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Posting because the "SAFETY" Moderator told me I had too. I think he wants to make an example of me :rolleyes:

Okay... guilty as charged. I have performed the following UNSAFE practices with my chainsaw.

1) I used it on a 12 foot ladder... did I tell you that the ladder wasn't very steady too.

2) I used it while IN a tree... don't worry, I was only about 15 feet in the air

3) I have started it WITHOUT the brake on.. horrors!

4) I think my chain tension is a little too loose... I'll get around to addressing it.

5) When I was chopping up the tree that fell a few weeks ago that was on my fence, I wasn't wearing heavy workboots and I did not hold the saw perpendicular to me or perpendicular to what I was cutting.

Ok, so I did these things and I know they are wrong but did them anyways. I did however, take extra time and did it slowly because... I had to get what I was doing done. Even though I violated the safety rules, I was extra careful doing it. THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE OKAY TO VIOLATE THE RULES TOO. YOU NEED A PERMISSION SLIP AND I HAVE ONE... uhh, now where did I put that? :eek:
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I learned the hard way to never cut standing on a ladder I cut a limb about 18" in diameter that split fell, and knocked the ladder right out from under me 20ft in the air. I was lucky enough to drop the saw grab on to the eve of the building, and pull myself up safely. I had to take several minutes to gather myself (on the roof) before finishing the job, and never have made that mistake again. I shortly thereafter purchased an extended reach pole saw for those jobs.
That identical scenario happened to see one off the fellas from work...except he had no gutter to grab onto. He also ejected the saw but the fall cost him a fractured elbow. Still lucky nonetheless as it could have been a lot worse.

Glad to hear he is OK the pole saw I got is worth its weight in gold. I am just glad most of us learn from our mistakes with only minor injuries, and never make them again.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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