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As a weekend warrior and not a lifetime tractor owner, I thought I'd share this here in hopes to save someone else the grief, time, possible expense, and overall safety concern. Just a few weeks back I had 2 bolts fall off my tractor and 2 that were finger tight... These 4 bolts hold on my front axel via the trunnion to the frame.

Consider this a good opportunity to check your JD front axel bolts regardless of series... i found indications this has been an issue for many years and on many models.

A couple of points of good news;

1) I was able to find the bolts in bulk at my JD distributor and bought 6 for the cost of 1 of the official part numbers ($2.10)

2) I was able to fix it myself by rolling the bucket... this did not work previously because I was not on level ground

3) I did not get the torque specs even when asking JD, they just said use the blue Loctite, so I did... (Update: for the M12 10.9 class bolt the torque requirements are; 97 lb-ft (132 M-m) dry and 76 lb-ft (103 N-m) lubricated.)

4) I created a short video HERE that explains my situation and calls out credit to the groups that helped as I would not have likely fixed this on my own w/out the help and now knowing what I know, i'd have been quite irritated that I spent any money to have it fixed for me... it was that easy.

So hopefully this is allowed, I'm sharing my video here... In the future I plan to contribute and share more of the experiences between my brother and I with our JD 1025R, 2032R, and 4052R and loads of attachments. We are tackling the management of 150 acres and a 4 acre pond so these tractors get lots of use but we are still learning through trial and error how to maintain them.


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