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Case 420B 1958 - replacing brakes

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I am a new member and new at trying to repair antique tractors. I am not new at auto mechanics however. I bought a running, though sorry looking, 58 JI Case 420B construction with backhoe and front end loader. My biggest frustration, no brakes at all. I have no adjustment to the linkage, the grease zirts were removed for the brake pedal assembly so one side was seized up.

My biggest issue is I can't get access to the brake disc covers due to the foot plates and a large diagonal rod that seems to be a part of the backhoe assembly. I have an operator's manual but not a service manual for this.

To make matters worse, it appears every bolt and nut on this thing is rusted tight.

Any idea how to eat this elephant?

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do me a favor and snap a photo or two of the brake drum housings if you can, these things are famous for their poor braking systems, many times just tearing them apart, cleaning lubing are reassemble will do the trick, I just went through this with a 430CK, and now on my 580CK
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