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Andy you pointed me in this direction so this is sort of directed towards you... but ill take any input..

Im looking at the D70 nikon camera package..
I see packages on line; Im not set in stone at getting it at any specific place yet..
here are details of the specific package i am looking at:
From site:

Package Includes:
Nikon D70 Digital Camera Body
Nikon 28-105mm Auto Focus Lens
Nikon 70-300mm Auto Focus Lens
512MB Memory Card
Deluxe Case
Deluxe Lens Cleaning Kit
High Speed Card Reader

My question:

a 28-105 mm and a 70-300 mm lense...

how does that translate? i have a sony maciva with a 14* optical zoom... does a 28-105 or 70-300mm do more zoom? less zoom?

most times i think i would use a zoom type lense or a wide angle lense... are these good choices of lenses to get? there are other packages with different lenses around...


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Well, the D70 is a true DSLR (digital SLR camera) which operates at 6.1MP and offers simply the best value for any consumer (prosumer) model out including the Canon Digital Rebel. The kit you are referring to is a normal "package" deal kit --- You will better off sticking with the D70 and the included 18-70mm DX ED
AF-S lens that comes with the standard Nikon package deals.
Don't let them take that 18-70mm lens out of the deal, that is a FAR better lens than these "replacement" lenses. I have that exact lens and it is nearly world-class for that size.

What you have to remember about "optical power" on a P&S "zoom" camera is limited. Your effective "reach" is now not limited by the fixed lens but now by the constraints of the lenses you employ. The P&S does have a mini-zoom but when you consider the size of the lens (max aperature etc) is it VERY limited compared not to mention light levels, shutter speed controls, flash sync and so much more than is available on the SLR and DSLR frames. Basically instead of simply pointing and shooting and hoping that something might be in focus or something might have enough light and that somehow that tiny little flash will actually make a difference on your P&S digital, you will have full and complete control. Not to mention, there will be absolutely NO delay and you can take several frames PER SECOND instead of light a shot every few seconds if you are lucky with the lesser digicam.

Caveat, DSLR is expensive. Lenses, especially quality lenses such as Nikon ED AF-S and Sigma EX HSM lenses aren't cheap and most will come close to the price you paid for just for D70. If you think about it, by the time you have a 18-70mm, 105mm+ Macro, 70-200 or 80-200 and maybe one super long zoom or prime in the 300-500mm range, you will be banking at least $5K in your package at a minimum if you go the quality route. What makes the lenses so expensive? When you look at lenses, ask for the fstops of the lens...lenses with small fixed numbers such as f2.8 across the entire range will be MUCH MORE expensive and much more useful than lenses such as you lens above 70-300 with a 4.5-6.3 fstop....smaller, cheaper glass requires much more light in a given situation and overall what is called a 'SLOW' lens. Fast lenses are usually f2.8 or better.

It is simply night and day going to DSLR with good lenses from any type of fixed lens digicam. Remember that your D70 will also increase the effective focal length of your lenses by 1.5x (inherent DSLR vs full-size CCD advantage) --- so your 70-300 will effectively become a 105-450mm lens. Your 14x optical zoom is huge but when you consider you are using the exact same size lens to cover such ENORMOUS focal lengths, you will quickly understand why your long range shots are more often out of focus and carry less detail. The great the focal length the more need for stability, adjustable shutter speed values and extra light for the image to properly be composed.

Each lens, such as 18-70 or 28-105 covers a unique "focal range" and most photog carry at least a few different lenses that are uniquely suited for their needs and tastes. One of the largest and most dynamic lenses I use to cover a large range and still get an amazing 50-500mm field of coverage is the Sigma EX HSM 50-500mm lens. You do need pretty good light but WOW! a 75-750mm lens!

In any case, I would get the D70 and the 18-70mm DX lens and purchase a 512MB CF as a minimum maybe even a 1GB+ Microdrive for starters. Then add in a quality 70-200 or 80-200mm lens and then finally a macro or super-tele like the 50-500 or 80-400 or 120-300mm lens etc. If you have more questions, post back here or PM me and I will give you my cell phone number.


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oh Yeah... ive got questions... The more i read.. the more i realize i dont know.. i just called a few places and got a little more info.....

I wont waste your time till i look around more and get a little more digested...

Ill look into a starter kit with the camera & the 18-70 mm lens
& add a big memory card.. 512 or 1 Gig & Reader... that should get me started...

thanks for the info...
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