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That site is one of the first Bolens sites I visited. It’s operated by
Jacques Lasasse, he has obviously put a tremendous amount of time
and effort into it, and I applaud him for it. Jacques’s site has some
old Bolens manuals and brochures available for Downloading.

BTW…There are other Bolens sites that offer additional literature
but with all due respect to these site operators I want to say that our
Bolens forum has more information available for Downloading than
any other site I have seen. In fact, I would safely say, our site has
more scanned manuals then all of the other Bolens sites combined.

But where we really shine is in the Moderator dept. I visit (rarely post)
5 other Bolens forums, every day. Our Bolens moderator, sixchows, is
by far, the most knowledgeable, obliging and responsive Bolens
moderator on the entire internet.
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I have to agree with every t hing that aegt5K has posted concerning the BOLENS[ peace and blessings be upon that name] site here -- the best, most thourough and easiest to us is this one here --
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