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Hello, I am new to the forum but have enjoyed reading posts from current members

I have owned a 3 cylinder Bolens G154 with a loader since the early 90's. The original clutch lasted over 20 years. However the last two clutch repairs have only lasted about 5 years. The first one resulted in cracked fingers on the pressure plate from over adjusting the clutch free-play. The second one only lasted a year. There was a howling sound coming from the bell housing when the machine was used for several hours. We split the tractor today and found a groove worn in the face of the throw out bearing. The bearing looked like it got overheated, but it still spins freely. I will attach a picture. You can definitely see that the bearing was rubbing on the fingers. The fingers are barely worn with no burrs.

Do the fingers on the pressure plate need to be adjusted to get some space between them and the the TO bearing?

The entire yoke assembly had about 1/2 inch play back and forth on the input shaft.(When the tractor was split) There was no tension holding the bearing away from the fingers. The clutch adjustment rod was adjusted correctly with a little bit of free play before engagement.
When I opened the inspection port on the side of the bell housing I could spin the bearing freely but it was very close to the fingers.(Tractor still together and clutch at rest)

I got my clutch parts from Jeffcube on E-Bay. He replaced the throw out bearing for free and said there should be about a 1/4 inch space between the bearing and the fingers.

I would appreciate any comments from fellow owners who have replaced their clutches.
TO bearing.jpg
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