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Best add-ons for a new tractor?

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What is the best item that you have added to your largely stock lawn and garden tractor to improve your machine? Performance, comfort, safety, maintentance or other.

My favorites are a hour meter and gator blades, I already had a cup holder.
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You think you have chrome, check out my avatar. I got the cost today on what its gonna cost me to get the chrome redone on that thing. About $2,300 for all of it, including polishing my stainless steel hood and trunk lid pieces!!

You Simp looks too cool with the dog dish hubcaps. really clean too.
That would be a great upgrade. I know I would use it all the time. The spindles and axle would be my greatest concerns.

I have toyed with that idea for some time, and probably will attempt it next summer.

I did however finish my dump cart last week. Uses a hand pump I found at the scrap yard and a piston (also found at the scrap yard. Welded them in place and they worked awesome. Total cost was around $15.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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