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Best add-ons for a new tractor?

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What is the best item that you have added to your largely stock lawn and garden tractor to improve your machine? Performance, comfort, safety, maintentance or other.

My favorites are a hour meter and gator blades, I already had a cup holder.
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oil pressure gauge

anyone added an oil pressure to their gt5k with kohler motor? i have the electronic gauge purchased, just waiting to take the tractor out of service to install. the sender is about the size of a golf ball, just curious about clearance problems if i use the stock mounting hole in the motor. thanks.
reply to old post re: add ons

got my electronic oil pressure gauge and adapter to install, waiting to get out of the 0 degree deepfreeze here to install, also would be interested in running the exhaust off both front header pipes out the back side with no muffler, i read on another site it sounds better than a harley, only problem i cant find flexible exhaust tubing less than 1 1/2 inch diameter. i would love the noise as long as it was behind me. anyone done any other add ons yet?
reply for us po folks with craftsman, pref. gt5k and 6k.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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