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Best add-ons for a new tractor?

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What is the best item that you have added to your largely stock lawn and garden tractor to improve your machine? Performance, comfort, safety, maintentance or other.

My favorites are a hour meter and gator blades, I already had a cup holder.
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Missed this thred the first time.

Number one best add on??? AG tires. Now I can go places where it wold just spin before.

Number two?? Wheel weights.Why?? see number 1
Well, all small Back hoes are not bad. Case, and then Ingersoll make/made a small Loader/BH tractor. These things are REAL strong, ao for there size to AMIZANG things. Granted they are no full size BH, but sometimes you just cant get one of those to the job site

Ingersoll 6000

Ingersoll 7000 series 4wd
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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