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Best add-ons for a new tractor?

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What is the best item that you have added to your largely stock lawn and garden tractor to improve your machine? Performance, comfort, safety, maintentance or other.

My favorites are a hour meter and gator blades, I already had a cup holder.
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Bearings on the front axle spindles; exhaust pipe to reroute exhaust gases out the back of the tractor; oil pressure gauge; improved throttle control on Kohler V-Twins; adjustable carbs.
Re: Exhaust reroute


Basically, it's taking your exhaust pipes where they lead into the muffler and extending them through or under the frame to exhaust out the back. You'd have to break them somewhere along the route to install a muffler.
Re: Bearings on the front axle spindles


I personally haven't done it, but I saw some progressive pictures of it being done on a Case GT site. As I recall, they welded tapered stub shafts to the existing assemblies and used tapered bearings similar to automotive.

My guess is something like that would add maybe $50 - $75 to a new machine, and would be one hell of a selling feature. I know I would have popped even $100 for something like that, especially after seeing the problems, I believe it was leolav, had on one of his machines.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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