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This was in yesterday newspaper so everyone please be carefull.It happen here in Louisana.


A Benton man trying to harvest pecans became trapped under his tractor and died Monday afternoon. Bossier Parish sheriff's investigators say 33-year-old Clyde Burt was driving a tractor on his family's farm in Benton when it overturned, pinning him under one of the tires.
Investigators say it appears Burt drove up a levee to try to get around a wash, causing the tractor to flip on its side. Burt's father found him and called authorities. Burt was airlifted to LSU Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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roll over deaths

Read in the paper last week.A guy was pulling a loaded hay wagon with a small tractor and his right front tire blew out.The tractor rolled on top of him in the ditch,killing him.
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