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Originally posted by bear
spent most of the day at a farm auction pictures can be veiwed at geisam sale here is the results of the old tractors keep in mind these are canadian dollars
jd 530 $10,000
jd 730 deisel $7,500
jd 720 gas $9,000
jd 60 $5,000
52 jd ar $4,250
49 jd d $3,250
50 jd d $2,900
46 jd a $3,000
ih 560 deisel $3,600
mm u $2500
all of the above tractors ran and were in good original condition with the exception of the a jd wich was rough but ran the 16-30 rumely had been in a coulee for years engine was seized and rocker arms broke it sold for $18,500 went to iowa guy was sitting at the sale with a trailer he had made quite a trip for 1 tractor
Thanks for posting bear, wished I could have been there. I had it bookmarked and was wondering how things turned out. So did you get anything. I assume all dollars are Canadian?
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