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Anyone Out Sucking Up the Leaves Yet?

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I was just out sucking up the leaves and made a web page with some pictures.

If you want to take a look, the page is here:

Is anyone else out there sucking them up with a real machine?

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I probably have more leaves in my yard than on your whole block. I put the Power Flow Bagger on and started sucking two weeks ago. However, my oaks have yet to drop a majority of their leaves nor have the willows or Bradford Pear. Maples, Ash and Poplars are about bare. In Darien we don't have a city suck-up for leaves like you Napervillians however, I believe we pay lower taxes!!:rolleyes:
Not only do they have a sucker upper machine, but they drive around in some beautiful diesel Ford tandem axel trucks. Some nice sidewalk-style John Deere leaf pushers, etc.

Taxes are way out of control, the city has awesome trucks and equiptment. I think we pay about 50 cents per leaf for the pickup. :)

Ah, it's all fun!

Right now, I'm stealing bags of leaves off the curb ALL OVER TOWN.....

I'm ripping out my sandy yard, Rototilling in all the leaves I can find, and fencing it in for the winter. In the spring, will get a herd of Cows or Clydesdales (or possibly Drunk Yoopers) to relieve themselves continuously on my yard.

Then I'll replant the grass!

A new way of Composting...
Be careful about letting too many Drunkin Yoopers loose in your yard since I hear they excrete dandelions from all that home fermented hooch they make. ;)
I think ONE yooper will be sufficient.... They "Excrete" a LOT!!!
The leaves havn't really been falling much here about mid November. Then they start falling heavy.
Our trees are always naked by Halloween Time, and usually surrounded with snow by Thanksgiving, although it was 60's and sunny last TurkeyDay... VERY unusual though!
My philosophy on leaves is "The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away". I use a sweeper a little on my mom's yard, but my yard, the winds of winter seem to take them away. Maybe it's because during my lawn maintenance days, I swept and hauled leaves by the truck load every day. Most of them ended up in my compost pile to be used later in my garden. I got the soil in that garden to look like and feel like chocolate cake, until the state of NJ took it for a highway project. First thing the contractor did after NJ took possession of my mom's old house was scoop all the soil out of the garden and haul it off.
sucking up the leaves

I started last weekend, with my jury rigged lawn vaccum using my JD 318, a 5 hp Briggs mounted on the back with an EZE vac impeller taking the leaves off the deck and blowing them into a trailor that holds 43 bushel of chopped leaves. I filled it 3 times from my 7/8 acre yard with more oak, hickory, walnut, etc trees than I care for. Oh well, the rig does a good job, and I get get all kinds of stares from passersby.
I started at least three weekends ago and probably won't stop picking em up for another three weeks. I have the Agrifab Mow n Vac so picking up leaves isn't that bad. Only tough part is finding a home for the millions of leaves that I pick up.
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