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Any New Building

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Anybody got any new building going on right now
our did everybody pack it up for the winter?
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I'm trying to build my new Martin boxes if that counts. I need to build 10 more before Feb. because thats when they arrive here. Got 2 built now.
I'm in the process of finishing the inside of my 28' X 30' garage/tractor building. I was going to use chip board or plywood for the inside walls, but price increases have made me consider drywalling it. I have almost half of the insulation done and most of the electrical. At least it will be inside work. I'll try to post some pics.

We just finished a 20 x 24 addition to our house. It is a cathedral ceiling style room that houses our family room. Under it, will be the expansion of my woodworking workshop. I plan to finish that this winter.
I am in the process of restoring a 150yo farm house. I have been working on it for 2years now and plan on moving in soon. This is what it looked like when I bought it.

<img src=>
Coal man, I heard that....I started doing the materials list for my 16x24 tractor shed this past January with 7/16" OSB at $5.50. Now, it is $18.50. I ended using 1/2" plywood for the roof decking at $15/sheet. I was gonna do the interior walls in OSB (call me strange, but I kinda like the look) for sturdiness in hanging things everywhere but not now.
Your right about OSB taking a huge jump in price. I paid about $5.00 a sheet for some when I added some inside panels to my one barn, and had considered using it for a new shed for the wife, but its as much as plywood now. Sheetrock will not hold up in this humidity, so thats out. We do have a place that sells seconds and rejects but even that stuff is now close to what you can buy new first quality items for. I will never use masonite on anything ever again.

Perhaps the price HD wants for that one 2 story building is not too bad afterall, as the materials alone will cost me almost that much and I still would have to eat the labor. The wife has been wanting to get the 2 story shed HD offers (Summer Wind or something like that) and have the upper floor for her beanie babies and other odds and ends. I get the bottom and share it with the fur kids, as she wants to insulate and AC the thing so her fur children can have built in runs and have a nice place to be when we go away for a day or so, instead of spending the time in a kennel or a crate. This way they would have access to inside or outside at their choosing, be out of the elements and have a fenced in area attached as well. (4 miniature dachshunds, one Finnish Spitz and a German Shepherd).
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I think Martin houses count,everybody and everthing should have a place to live.What style of houses are these,Ranch,Two
story,Condo's,and what kind of price are these birds paying for these houses.
Just finished off the inside of my garage with seetrock because of
the price of chipboard and plywood.They tell me its because
there sent it all to Iraqi people,why not give them all National
health care too.
Sounds like a nice addition.Like the idea of the woodshop.
What do you have for equiptment to put into it?

It seems like people here in Appalachia would benefit if there were some bombs dropped here.:confused: Maybe we could get some cheap lumber. How do you think your sheetrock will hold up? What thickness did you use? I would take any helpful advice you may have. Thanks.

That 2 story Home depot 16x16 shed looks good. It was $5200 built on site but yesterday had jumped to $ the lumber prices caught up with it. There are add ons, too. I'd bet you put $8000-9000 into it when it's all done.
I have all the bells and whistles. Drill press, table saw, miter saw, 20" planer, 6" jointer, spindle sanders, router table, huge lathe, and full dust collection. It is presently all crammed into my workshop under the existing house, but that room is far too small. I also have a huge stock pile of 5/4 lumber (cherry, black walnut:) :) :) red oak and pine) All milled on site in my yard by my uncle a few years ago.

I also have a large compressor in the garage that we ran pipe into my basement on a t valve. So I can run my air sanders, my HVLP and LVLP guns and all my various nailers.

I get alot of my equipment at below what dealer cost would be as my company has manufacturer's reps that rep tool lines as well and they get me great deals. I also was given "blemished" Bessey clamps (5 of each size) from another of our reps.

I also have a metal working brake down their as well.
I used 1/2" sheetrock,ran one line of green rock for bottom
course same as you would use in a bath area for moisture.
then just plain 1/2" sheetrock for the top. Hope this helps.
Sounds like you have about the same machines that I have myself.What do you have for a lathe?Also what do you use for a dust collector?The one thing I don't have is some of that
BLACK WALNUT you lucky bum.
I like the looks of the farm house your restoring.Got any pics of what it looks like now?I bought a old farmhouse with 25 acres
of land four years ago and still don't have it all done, but close.
Do Brussel sprouts grow the same as cabbage,only more than one per plant?Never tried growing them,but I sure like to eat
I have an old Delta lathe that I got from my Uncle. It needed a new headstock, but I got it going really good.

I have a Grizzly two bag dust collector and a small Jet 1hp for my drill press and spindle sander, router table.

I might be getting a Powermatic panel sander soon for "testing".
That 2 story (Summer Wind IIRC) shed at HD has been $6200 all summer long at our local HD and it included most all of the optional stuff as a special. They said it will be on special until early or mid January.

I can believe it would run a lot more when you take into consideration having to insulate it totally if you AC it, then you have to wire it, run a electrical feed and water line paint and seal the exterior and more than likely the interior at least the upper story. Probably want more blocks under the lower floors joists than what would be supplied.
rjj, I just build simple one story 6 rooms and two story 12 rooms Martin boxes. I put up about a dozen or so. I try to clean them out every year, but last year I didn't get a chance so I just pulled them down after they left and burned them. Around spring time here in the swamp we are plagued with buck flies and the Martins pay their rent by eating them. We love to sit on the porch and listen to them talk. My wife says "I sure would like to know what they are saying." The truth be known, they are probably cursing us.
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