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Animal safety

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Just wanted everyone to see the aftermath of a dog getting hit by a car. This is my 1 year old beagle after getting hit a couple weeks ago. I just thank God that I found him and it wasn't any worse than it was. Our pets rely on us to take care of them, and they are faithful no matter what. So let's all give our pets an extra pat on the head every once in a while and let them know how much we love them.

In the photo, you can see the pin sticking out of his hind leg and the stitches. He was in alot of pain for the first week but will make a full recovery.



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I'm glad you found him and were able to get that leg taken care of. I'd hate for my dog to get hit by a car.

Glad he's gunna be OK !!!
OUCH! Hope he is doing well, that looks like it might have smarted a little. No more playing by the road!

I nearly lost one of my dog's recently due to a tremendous venomous snake bite. My dachshund "Daisy" -- who is a 2.5 year old. She got attacked one night and simply collapsed and went into shock. (we thought she was dead) --- After a dozen visits and well over $1000 :cry: ---- she is as good as new. The snakebites did a tremendous amount of damage to her leg tissue and she had to contend with a lot of infection and necrosis. At one point, they thought she might have to lose her leg completely to prevent to spreading of the venom. I am just so happy that she is ok. She is simply the sweetest dog in the world and I hated to see her suffering like that. (near death) ---- I find vet care to be very expensive but I guess it is worth it. That $$$ was quite alot for us to have to spend, but she is a member of the family. So, now we just need to keep her away from the snakes. :D


Over the years I have had a ton of pets,dogs,horses, cats,birds,and even hampsters. I think that a house with kids has to have pets. It teaches responsibility and love.
Every time I lose a pet we swear,NO MORE PETS, but it seems like something always finds it's way to my house.
That's not a fun exercise. A neighbor couldn't find their cat. It was seen later that night along the side of the road. The next thing that ran through my head was... do I tell them or not. Is it better to know they are dead, or hope they are running around neighborhoods. I ended up telling them and it was there's. I guess I was hoping it wasn't.
I think it is always best to know the truth. It does bring more initial pain but it also brings closure, acceptance and a feeling of understanding in the end.

Our beagle had the exact same type of leg break when she was a year old. The metal pin was actually inside her skin though. She is a happy and joyful as can be now.

She broke hers playing in my inlaws yard with their german shepard. She was chasing the shepard and caught a clothes line post with her hind leg. Shattered it in two places.

If you look closely at the pic below, you can see the scar from the surgery. Other than a little sensitivity in extremely cold weather, she has had no side effects of the surgery. She runs, stands on her hind legs, jumps on and off our bed and the couch. Basically what she always did.

She does stay in the house just about all the time now. She hates to get her paws wet.

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