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This ad is now running on TV, A new program by DOD, we had a heated discussion a while back on the merits of such programs, my opinion has not changed on various Wave the Flag Promotions attempting to To make Americans care about the Military!

America Supports You
America Supports You!! link

Show Your Support

How You Can Help

Many independent organizations are ready and willing to help you support the troops. Although the military services no longer accept 'Any Servicemember' mail, the troops can still receive mail and care packages from patriotic citizens. It simply means finding an organization to help you get that morale-boosting mail to the troops. Here is a short list of organizations that will help you send messages and packages as well as provide other support.

Donate Frequent Flyer Miles
Operation Hero Miles

Gift Certificates
Gifts from the Homefront

Homes for Disabled Troops
Homes for our Troops

Letters and Messages
A Million Thanks
Letters From Home
Operation Dear Abby
Send a Message to Our Soldiers
Soldiers Angels
Voices from Home Foundation

Video Conferencing
Freedom Calls Foundation

Veteran Service Organizations
American Legion

Phone Cards
Help Our Troops Call Home
Operation Uplink

Send Packages
Adopt a Platoon
Any Soldier
Have a Heart/Adopt a Soldier
Operation Gratitude
Operation Military Pride
Operation Mom
USO Care Packages

Service Aid Societies
Air Force Aid Society
Armed Forces Relief Trust
Army Emergency Relief
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

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Thanks for the link and info Dean,
Support up in NY has been "OVERWHELMING" to say the least. The word got out why the DOD and military had to stop the "Any soldier Overseas" program and I think people got mad at those scumbag losers and said we will send stuff to the troops we do know and they can then divide it.
Spent 2 hours today packing better than 1000 bucks of donated stuff to send to some of our NY troops (10 to be exact) that they will share of course. Even the shipping costs are paid for by a local businessman.
Every little bit helps. This is our 4th shipment and more to follow.
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