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I would like to expound upon the recent influx of advertisers to our community. I feel that this may be a good opportunity to commence discussion on advertising guidelines in general. We are pro-advertisers and supports of course. Businesses who demonstrate a superior product, coupled with professionalism, great customer support, sales and sense of community are encouraged to sign up for advertising here at
We are not ever going to knowingly promote mediocre businesses which are discovered to not have the best interest of the consumer at hand. We will not cheapen the quality of this community by resorting to sacrificing our ethical fortitude for a cheap buck of advertising. We are consumers ourselves and we all share a desire to be treated fairly and ethically by companies we choose to do business with. I am proud of our current sponsors, and we do have space for more people who share our beliefs and common-interests! I will be uploading a more comprehensive document this weekend on this but for now we have a very basic outline.

Here is the base level guideline as indicated in a prior post today:

Please refrain from advertising on the board. If you want to advertise your product offerings, sales or any other facet of your business entity, please contact our advertising/sales department for details. Not only will this enhance your overall effectiveness, it will not seem like you are attempting to undermind those who do support our community with their patronization. There is a place for advertising and self-proclamation and that is through our very cost-effective advertising channel. --- for more details & email address for a unique detailed quote analysis.

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1 - 20 of 21 Posts