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Heard today that Steven Speilberg(whom I am not a fan of) is permitting ABC to air his movie "Saving Private Ryan" this Veterens Day to honor our Veterens.
Well, some ABC affilates are refusing to show it stating they fear fines from FCC due to the violence and language in the film. It has already been showed twice on network TV. The only requirement Speilberg demands is it not be edited and shown in entirety. So some affiliates are just not going to show it.
I first saw this film in the theater when it first came out and then again after Sept 11, 2001 after it aired on TV. It is a very powerful film with the beginning depicting the horror, reality, as well as the heroism of the fine soldiers that hit the beaches that day in Normandy. I have relatives on both my Fathers and Mothers side that stormed that beach called "Easy Red" or Omaha Beach as more commonly called. Two of them never came home.
Personally I feel that these TV stations are falsely making the excuse of fines as to not show this film. I will be the first to agree that this film may not be for everyone, but to watch or not is an option.
While we honor our Veterens we have servicemen/women now involved this day in the battle of Fallughah with more to follow.

So I will watch it again with respect. I will think of my son serving with the Big Red One and thier fight for Fallaghah with the fine Marines of the 1st MEF and 2nd Cav. I will think of the fine soldiers of the 1st ID that took Omaha beach that day. I will honor them all.
My flag is waving, is yours?
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