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98 huskee riding mower upper housing is busted

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I've been looking for ever trying to find a stock trans with matching numbers but I have yet to find one. Is there another trans that will fit and work properly.
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Hello Ricky, welcome to the tractor forum.

MTD makes Huskee mowers for box stores, primarily TSC. You can get a new top cover for your transaxle for $80. See item #5 in attachment:

Huskee 13A0673G131 - Huskee Lawn Tractor (1998) (Tractor Supply) Transmission Assembly 618-0073 Parts Lookup with Diagrams | PartsTree


Your transmission part number should be 618-0073?? Replaced by part number 918-0163B / 918-0163D, according to MTD. See below:


Transmission Complete Replaces 618-0073
Part# 918-0163B (Superseded to 918-0163D)
OEM Warranty Repair Part for MTD
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Ebay has 2 used 618-0073 transaxles for sale, plus a used 618-0073 top & bottom housing for sale.
I cant seem to find the exact matching numbers. thanks for your response
You can find an MTD model 618-0166A transaxle on the internet.
You can find an MTD model 618-0166A transaxle on the internet.
Is there anyway you could give me the link?
Ebay posted on the internet that they had a used 618-0166A transaxle, but that is gone.

Part# 618-0166A is also Superseded to 918-0166D. So., you can expand your search to both numbers. You can find a new 918-0166D for $600-$700. : MTD 918-0166D Transaxle-Single S :
Lawn Mower Parts : Garden & Outdoor

918-0166D TRANSAXLE-SINGLE S | Tool Parts Direct
Transaxle-single S
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