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I have been looking at what I thought was an 2n but it turned out that it is an 1948 8N tractor with a 1946 2N engine in this tractor. There is the date 9-28-48 stamped on the rear axle of this tractor. And the plate on the engine reads 9N180816. I was thinking about purchasing this tractor. It is a 4 speed forward and 1 reverse tractor. But now since it has a different motor in it. I am not sure what to do. I am looking for a tractor to restore and to use every now and then around the house. If I restored this tractor and wanted to sell it would I get less for it since it has a 2N engine in it? How much less do you think? Or does it really make a difference? I have to travel 288 miles for this tractor one way and I am not sure if it is a good purchase or not. This is my first antique tractor... I was looking for one to restore and play with. Is this a less desirable tractor in a collectors sense, since it has the wrong motor in it. I am confused and don't want to make the wrong purchase. Would it be less desirable to a collector if I sold it but if I sold it to a guy buying a tractor to use around the house on a mini-farm or something like that would it not be as big deal about the engine. The guy is willing to sell me the tractor, bushhog, boom, 6'foot blade for $1500.00. I don't know what to do.

Any help would greatly appreciated......


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