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39 9n

The tractor is a 39 9N, serial number 1998 which means it could have been manufactured end of the second or beginning of the third month of production. When I got it, it had half of the original parts changed out. It took a while to collect all the right stuff for that year. There is lot of little differences in those early months and first year of production. It has what it should have, double rib fenders, 4 spoke wheel, small generator, snap in battery cover, 32 inch rims, "many hours of rebuilding", ignition on light, and the rest of the doodads. Still got to paint the hood and fenders. Had a couple of new old stock original gray items, the paint from N complete 9N gray matched perfect. The old 9's float my boat. Randy


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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