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The3016 and attachments were delivered yesterday. Nice addition to the family. Get wife even said a positive word about it when she saw it. I think the bright orange on those like new and new attachments caught her eye. :eek:) It is a 1989, but looks/ runs good enough to be 10 years newer...garage kept it's whole life and barely used for anything but mowing. The 3 point and tiller show very little use. The 48" blower is brand new...not a scratch! The blade is a large one off a Case high wheeler and I also got a good Case deck and the smaller front blade in the deal. He also brought me a set of chains and like new rear wheel weights. Along with that a very HD rear blade, which I couldn't find a name on, but it is at least twice the rig the Agri-Fab rear blade at the farm store is. Am I happy???...LOL

Nice surprise was getting a like new front bumper for it in the deal. I had never seen one before this. Can't be used when mowing because it uses the same mounting points.

And all of this is topped only by the fact the gentleman I bought it from is one heck of a nice guy, and someone I gladly call a new friend.

BTW...I am still looking for an inexpensive, but decent, Ingersoll mowing deck. I want an extra deck for field/woods mowing.

Have a great Lord's day!
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