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3 pt pc behind my seat

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My newly acquired 3400 has a broken piece where the top stabilizer connects to the tractor. The bracket is still connected to the rear housing but it's broken loose from the shock absorber looking things. Is that piece replaceable or do I need to get it welded up? The broken piece on there now is just a thin looking threaded nipple someone welded on the end of the shock, or whatever it's called. I see it's bolted to the tractor with 3 bolts. Can I just unbolt it all and maybe get a harder more durable bushing welded on it?

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Looks to me like what you are talking about is the top link mount.....What make and model of tractor is this on?
Looks to me like what you are talking about is the top link mount.....What make and model of tractor is this on?
It is a Ford 3400 unsquidly.

The shock absorber you mention is the top link sensing unit, which probably senses the draught control of the hydraulics, the unit will have a heavy spring inside the cover and through linkage will be attached to the inside workings of the hydraulics, you can cut off the broken socket and weld a new bushing onto the shaft, I would have a nice solid bushing made with more wall thickness than what that socket had, you may be able to weld that insitu, see if you can rotate the shaft against the spring pressure and if you can then Bob's your Uncle.
The broken part is #53 in diagram, part number 81815672. Since it is broken, you should be able to withdraw the cover,#56, after removing the two bolts, #62. Then you can unscrew the broken yoke and fit a new one. Put penetrating oil on the threads and make sure they are clean. If you put too much force on the yoke when unscrewing, things inside the lift cover can get damaged.

Here is a shop manual, most information for 3000 applies to 3400:

The yoke looks like this originally:
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Thank you guys. A lot of valuable info there. Much appreciated! Oh wow, just in the time it took me to type my thanks, the links for a cheap new one came on! I'll probably just order one and see how that goes. Thanks again!
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